Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2022

The Next Big Thing?


During the last days I listened to various independent radio stations and it is conspicuous that many of them featured Kid Kapichi a band from Hastings, not far away from Dover. I don't know if there is a music scene but the band soaked up newer British music. Their sound is modern British punk rock located somewhere between the sound and attitude of the Idles, Slaves, Sleaford Mods, Slowthai & The Streets. Surely not a worse taste and the result is I.N.V.U. They envy him - NOT! - the Mr. MTV, who stumbles around with his alligator shoes and his Rolex and can afford to sleep comfortably while the whole world has to get out of bed early. The four musicians have now packed their disgust at this kind of person and his staging on social media into a song. I am not sure if their whole album is as good as this little song that I can't get out of my mind after listening the first time but I am sure the medias will feature them massive during the next weeks.

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JC hat gesagt…

There's no denying that it's catchy, but I'm wondering if maybe they have arrived a little bit too late to the party, as there seems to a bit of a backlash against this sort of sound in the UK media just now.