Donnerstag, 2. September 2021



Margee is the musical by Alexandre Gimard, a producer from South of France based in Éze, Cote d' Azur a small village between Nice and Monaco. Maybe it is because of this beautiful region why he makes one of the best deephouse sounds around. Otherwise it is possible that he fetched his sound to the new club sound made these days in Netherlands. After a few digital released he releases his first vinyl EP during the next weeks showing us his abilities as a producer and a guitarist of low-slung groove and great hooks. And it doesn't surprise me that there is a Hardway Bros remix on this excellent record.

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Khayem hat gesagt…

I've been regularly listening to the Margee EP since the end of July and I also highlighted the excellent Hardway Bros remix on my blog. The original versions are also very good and I really like the remix by DJ Nature. I took a chance on buying after listening to the snippets and it was a good choice.