Samstag, 22. September 2018

Bella Ciao

Bildergebnis für italian partisans

Since Bella Ciao appeared on Spanish television series Money Heist this old Italian folk song which was adapted by Italian partisans in world war II was played all over this summer. Probably less listeners will know the background of this song and the reason why it's got a hymn for fighting people. The reason why I post this song is that Marc Ribot released his latest album recently. Some of you might know him from his work with Lounge Lizards almost 30 years ago. He collected songs of resistance and adds his quiet guitar phrases over the song. On Bella Ciao Tom Waits joins Ribot who played also guitar on his famous album Rain Dogs after years of absence. His voice is broken and it sounds like an actor in his very last years doing the great job he did his life. There was no critical acclaim for this song and justified as another unnecessary version of this song. I really like this song because of the reluctant guitar of Marc Ribot in combination with Tom Waits' singular voice. Maybe the world needs more protest songs today.

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