Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

Beat Your Heart Out

Bildergebnis für the distillers

You might know that my team plays in the second league yet. And it is hard to join the new rhythm of the match day. Normally they used to play at Saturday/Sunday afternoon now they changed into starting after lunchtime. Following them in the stadium or on TV in the pub next door means to change your other dates to different times. And after watching them winning against the championship leader yesterday and celebrating the victory I had a hard day at hard at office and now I am glad being at home, listen to some music and finishing the day. Today's song is an old one from back in 2003 played by The Distillers. It was the band of the Australian born punk singer and guitarist Brodie Dalle and it one of those songs which were forgotten during the last years. A classic punk song with fast guitars, serrating riffs and drifty drums. Dalle's voice makes this song a bit of a classic. A hidden gem.

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