Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

A Very Unique Sound

Bildergebnis für oum shatt

It is said, that young people learn by history. I can't agree to this words in general but in music it is sometimes true. Oum Shatt is a new German band and they released their first album a few month ago. I listened to it, was amazed but lost this record from my radar. A few weeks ago I played it in an easy mood and was surprised how good it is. These kids were present when the teacher told about the good ingredients in music. Booming basses, incisive and hypnotic guitar riffs, unconventional drums and a massive influence by Arabian sounds make this band unique. It is music for your headphones and also for the dancefloor. The members played during the last years in different unknown German independent bands and now they made a record that is far over the average this year (and I don't mean it for Germany - it is also for the rest of the world). This kind of music is in an alcove of post-punk, New Wave, world and art-rock. Dusty, crispy rock meets surf guitars meet Arabian sound meets a bit of psychedelic sounds. It could have been the sound of the summer is I realised it earlier. Therefore I will see them live a few weeks ahead.

Oum Shatt - Madame O.
Oum Shatt - Hot Hot Cold Cold
Oum Shatt - Ya Ya Ya


lithium hat gesagt…

Ah, interessant. Die spielen auch auf dem Electric Pony Cup in ein paar Wochen in Mannheim. Ein weiterer Grund hinzugehen. Wo siehst Du sie? Ich bin am Wocheneden erst mal auf dem Golden Leaves. Grüße!

Walter hat gesagt…

Hab gelesen, dass sie im Merlin im Oktober spielen. Sieht jetzt aber nicht danach aus, Martin. Ich bleib dran.

The Swede hat gesagt…

For some reason I'm unable to play any of these tunes. Anyone else having a problem, or is it just me?

Walter hat gesagt…

Sad to hear that your unable to listen to this songs, Swede. I will check out what happened and try to repost it in a better way these days.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Got them Walter! Interesting sound with a big Arabic influence.