Montag, 18. April 2016

Southern Mark Smith

Bildergebnis für the jazz butcher scandal in bohemia

There were times, when I have bought an album only because of the cover. I think it was in the early 80s when I went to my local record store digging the box of new entries and I held The Jazz Butcher's Scandal In Bohemia the first time in my hand. It was just the comic cover that made me going to the turntable to listen to this record. And listening to the first song on this record Southern Mark Smith I was sure that this record was mine. SMS was one of those pop hymns you listen once and will never forget. But the rest of album wasn't bad at all. It is not easy to describe the sound of The Jazz Butcher because their songs were too different to classify them to one genre. Funny songs with winking lyrics might be the best description. Half Man Half Biscuit had the same kind of humour.

The Jazz Butcher - Southern Mark Smith
The Jazz Butcher - Mind Like A Playgroup

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