Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

All The Colours Of The Dark

Bildergebnis für marissa nadler

Marissa Nadler announces her new album Strangers to be released next month. I always liked her voice, singing in a mezzo-soprano. Many songs sounds atmospheric and the words sometimes were more breathy than sung. I once read about her voice:

She has a voice that, in mythological times, could have lured men to their deaths at sea, an intoxicating soprano drenched in gauzy reverb that hits bell-clear heights, lingers, and tapers off like rings of smoke. Hardly anyone considers Nadler a folk musician.


The Swede hat gesagt…

Very nice indeed Walter.

TheRobster hat gesagt…

I love Marissa Nadler. I have heard the new album and it's very good indeed.