Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Twanging Tuesday # 46

Jimmy Patton was born in 1931 on a farm in Oklahoma, moved with his family in 1943, however, to Springfield, Oregon. In this time Patton began to be interested in music and took every opportunity was, to sing and to play. He had first a job as a rodeo rider, had to give up this, however, in 1953, after he had broken the arm. Although he was, actually, a Country singer, he joined in this time to the trend Elvis Presley and the Rockabilly. He wasn't very successful and turned away from Rockabilly to play his country tunes again. His legacy is a song which could be a standard if he had the airplay. This song has all the ingredients of these times: a Rockabilly guitar, a piano that could be played by Jerry Lee Lewis and vocals that are similar to Little Richard.

Jimmy Patton - Yah, I'm Moving

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