Samstag, 22. November 2014

It's Obvious

Finally, I have the complete Internet access in my flat again. It has lasted long and has cost me many nerves and time. As usual, a small cause has generated big effect. It was simply due to the fact that the first engineer has laid the connection with the wrong port. I would not like to complain too much of this what was happened the last week separate look forwards. Now that I am technically able to continue blogging you will get more comments to the posts you do.

In the 'old' days Saturday was reserved for many weeks to a series about old TV-series. I will continue but today I would like to feature a band from the days of post-punk. Birmingham gave us the Au Pairs, a band that often was compared to Gang Of Four and the Young Marble Giants. Of course, they played that kind of funk GOF did and they had female lead vocals like YMG. The Au Pairs had only a small output on records in the time they existed but most of them was superb. I bought their first album Playing with Different Sex in the early 80s and it had a heavy rotation on my turntable. I liked their sound with a leading bass, stoic drums and thrifty guitar licks combined with lyrics that played with a blinky look at gender relations.

Have a good weekend, mates.

Au Pairs - It's Obvious

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Anonym hat gesagt…

The Au Pairs, I'd completely forgotten about them I have the Live in Berlin album of theirs. Must play it soon. Thanks Walter.