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And again the best from a lot of bands which offered me their new music. During the last weeks many bands appeared playing typical R 'n' B, Indie Pop or Rap. Stuff I've heard often enough and not really new in their interpretation. But sometimes you'll find some nuggets but sometimes the music touches you from the first measures.

The first artist is from Saxonia, Germany and now living in Dubai and calls himself DJ Rob de Blank. He's a world wide traveler during his last 20 years and working worldwide as a DJ since the middle 90s. Influenced by Deep House, Chillout and EDM he released a few weeks ago his new single. It starts with a little piano and then a voice appears that reminds me a bit to Kate Bush than the main theme takes over and was added with some guitar licks. For sure a track I will listen often to.

The Danbury Lie from New Haven released a new record. I featured them a few month ago. And listening to these songs I just can repeat the words I said before: Based on the tradition of folk they added elements of classic (prog)rock. Most of them are quiet at the start and turn into a heavier sound later.All in all well arranged songs with a somber and dark tone in it. Seems like they are able to play on a high level. Give them a listen - I think it's worth.

The Danbury Lie - Drinking Song

Another band I featured months ago are The DOVES from Macon, Georgia. Since the first time I noticed the couple their output was in my focus. Now they released a new six-track record with all the ingredients they stand for: powerful songs with an emphatic guitar and catchy rhythms. That's what I would like to hear on radio. That they are able to play a blues song is shown on the second track.

The DOVES - Wild and Strange
The DOVES . Everybody's happy but me

The Red Moons are an alternative rock band formed in Chicago in 2014 and are working on their debut album release in 2015. They name The Doors as one of their influence but I think they are more in the tradition of Nirvana or the Foo Fighters. They play an emphatic alternative rock with heavy guitars and grungy vocals. I am curious as to how they will develop.

The Red Moons - Out of Touch

From Leeds a band showed up that's based in tradition of handmade music and ballads. Rise make wonderful music for the last glass of red wine.

Rise - It Matters

Birds Over Arkansas from West Chester, Pennsylvania describe their music with these words Indie band infusing technical prog rock, infectious melodies and harmonies, and singer/songwriter sensibilities. And indeed - you can hear these influences in their songs. It's probably a band that found their own sound and it's good this way. They're songs are too complex arranged and played in order to be overlooked. 

Birds over Arkansas - Catapult

If you think of Georgia and the Southern States of the USA you might think of swamp music or Southern Fried rock music. But Ghostrain shows us that other sounds could be played. Formed in late 80s it's obviously that the members obviously listened to early 70s bands like Bob Seger or Led Zeppelin. The song I feature reminds me with it's rhythm on a faster played version of Riders on the storm by The Doors. With it's organ sound the song is a bit hypnotic and far ahead of the average in classic rock music.

Ghostrain - City of the Sun

Back to Germany and to Electro/EBM/Indie. Lily Wiese is HONEY TOWER a new German-based female electro artist somewher between French touch, rock 'n' roll glamour, fashion vibes, avantgarde trash and subtle poetic vision, creating a sound that is found to be 'unique' (Fault magazine). HONEY TOWER dropped her third releas 'Dandy', an 8-track concept album, referencing destinct manifestations of dandyism in literature, history an philosophy. I would call her music as a minimal Deep House with steady grooves. Worth to listen. 

HONEY TOWER - Gegen den Strich
HONEY TOWER - (A)e(s)th(et)ics

Another German musician is Gunnar Spardel who released his Ambient, Chill-Out and Trance based record as Tigerforest. He names himself as an electronic musician, producer and film composer inspired by teutonic sound-pioneers. An it's true - his sound is like the soundtrack to a movie about landscapes and remembers sometimes to Pink Floyd without guitars.

Tigerforest - Geometry of Shadows

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