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That's What I Watched On TV Years Ago # 4

If you follow this little series you might think that I almost watched British TV series. It may sounds funnily, but the series with those I irreparably are connected were produced by the BBC. While in America series were produced which were smooth as much as possible and were in the foreground in their morality and emotionalism, the BBC tried something absolutely contrary. One of these series were The Professionals from the late 70s.

The series is located in London in the 1970s. The Swinging Sixties with her sickly pink ease had given way Margaret Thatcher to sombre decade, without work and perspective, to bloody IRA terror and the "Iron lLdy". The economy which went brook under it, which threatened state bankruptcy, and the English football-national team - in 1966 still world champion - was just about to miss again the qualification for a world championship. It was hopeless.

The Professionals were politically incorrect, long before the expression was invented. It was criticized by its violence and self-justice. The starting point of the series was a conference of the British Ministry of the Interior with members of the police, the army and the Secret Service. To go forward against the growing wave of violent crime in Great Britain, the Scottish ex-major and MI-5 boss George Cowley (Gordon Jackson) suggests putting up a new Task-Force existing of different units which should take up the fight against the crime and is released, besides, from legal regulations extensively. Thus the new special unity CI5 (Criminal Intelligence 5) is founded, the Cowley projects as a boss. His best people are the agents 4.5 and 3.7: the ex-mercenary William Andrew Philip Bodie (Lewis Collins) and the ex-policeman Raymond Doyle (Martin Shaw). Bodie is in the duet that which is in habit to solve the problems with fight mind and physical application. The ex-soldier is known for his rebellious behaviour towards leadership people and his mistrust compared with all and everybody. He inclines to exaggerations and bad jokes. Doyle takes over the part of the reasonable and weighing team colleague, indeed, he still often gets in burnt situations and is often injured.

Doyle and Bodie were real Buddys, carried on man's conversations poor in adjective in her Ford Capri, while they rumbled about kerbstones or the vehicle rear by hand brake turnaround. They teased and scuffled and also hit themselves sometimes on the knob. They were high-spirited, immature oafs which made fun of her senior Cowley. Doyle and Bodie were like us, although they were at the age of our parents - become adult without giving up the childhood. What brilliant plan.

Lewis Collins, the actor of Bodie, came at close range from Liverpool where England was always especially grey and rough. He worked as an apprentice with a ladies' hairdresser and played alongside percussion. When in August, 1962 a local Liverpool band searched a new drummer, a mate believed about Collins, nevertheless, he should audition sometimes. But the 16-year-old preferred to conclude his education. He dreamt of own hairdresser's. What respectable just. And thus certain Ringo became a new drummer with these Beatles. Stupid chance, but anyhow typically: Collins often took the wrong fork. Then about the detour as a Roadie, encyclopaedia shop assistant and truck driver he landed in the show business and trained from 1968 in London to the actor. Collins had only few expressions. One was the lowered head with the upwards sparkling eyes, in addition a fierce smile as if he deceives a colossal paper clip around his lips. With this look he overpowered gangster and women equally. He was simply infinitely cool. Therefore, in 1982 he was under discussion as a successor for Roger Moore as James Bond, but anyhow he vegetated again because he struck the producers as "too aggressively".

It's a series I should look for on DVD, truely.

And the main theme is a great one.

And in the end: Here it goes to the result 'Klansmen' those of the BBC was forbidden:

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