Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

From The Inbox

As told, I get regularly new music from artist they present her music on the Internet to a wide audience. Recently I listened to an American band located in Seattle. They describe them with those words: Taigá is a psychedelic / folk / prog band led by musician and songwriter Jonathan Spruance. Drawing on influences ranging from 60s Swedish psychedelia and classical sitar music to early 90s alternative / indie rock with subtle jazz undertones, the music embodies a rich tonal tapestry that bubbles, flows, melts, and congeals into one cohesive whole. I really like what they do. Their songs were pretty good arranged. No instrument is too much - even when you hear a sitar in the background. I would like to give them a little space  in this blog, because I know that there are some people out there they are in this kinda sound.


Taigá - Enter The Flow
Taigá - Ride

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gaforsyth hat gesagt…

Going by the two tunes posted I have just bought the Stone Godesses album on bandcamp. Cost 5 euros.