Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Love Letters

As well as it looks the FIFA World Championship developed itself to an internationally reinforced Copa Sudamericana. Great and likeable teams had to home. Spain and England failed on team like Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica; teams from the African continent and the Asian participants don't have the abilities to reach the final rounds. What has the rest of the participants still to muster to break the dominance the South and Central American? The Netherlands and France of course - and Italy and Germany as well. But it's my opinion that the next champion will come from South America. Until then, let's watch some great games like Switzerland against France last Friday.

Today song is by Metronomy and it's from their new album released this spring. For me this album is one of the best and most interesting ones which were published this year. It is full of good ideas and good songs filled with references to the best of the last 40 years. Imagine a sound that combines 80s David Bowie with some West-Coast harmonies or some Doo-Wop. And sometimes you can hear The Smiths shimmering through the songs (Month of Sundays).

Metronomy - Love Letters


drew hat gesagt…

It is turning into a great competition

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Its great that there are so many teams who are enjoyable to watch... France, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, Ghana, and hopefully Argentina once they get going sprig to mind

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

And Holland.

Walter hat gesagt…

Of course - don't forget them!!