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40 Records In 40 Years (24/40 - 1997)

Another unspectacular year in my life. Working in my job, watching the kids grow up and living my life as I was used to. Went to Italy camping again like last year and it seemed to be perfect. But what would life be if it no surprises would hold ready? Nothing! To my surprise Kerstin got homesick. More and more we discussed about changing our life an move to her hometown. I could not understand why she's got that feeling. She found a lot of friends at the place we lived, she had a good job and was satisfied with it but there must be something I could not understand. So we agreed that a decision must be fallen, until our daughter is sent to school next year. It is strange, but I can exactly remember where I have been when I got the news of moving events. We visited my parents in law and had breakfast when my sister in law came in and told us that Diana, Princess of Wales, died in an car accident in Paris. No one could believe it and we switched on the TV. Breaking news on every channel told us that it is true. Not that I am a fan of the Royals but her death has moved me. For me she was a person which was unhappy in her engagement. And at the time she got rid of all the stuff and found a new love she died. There is nothing more to say and the best good by was sung by Elton John.

This was a good year for records. Here a some that impressed me:
  • Daft Punk - Homework: Perfect club music
  • Prefab Sprout - Andromeda Heights: One more great record from them
  • Robert Wyatt - Shleep: The old man returns with a very good album
  • Radiohead - OK Computer: Fantastic songs made this record worth listen to
  • Paul Weller - Heavy Soul: Not his best but a very good album
  • Dwight Yoakam - Under The Covers: Well known songs transfered into new country music
  • Rammstein - Sehnsucht: Horrible lyrics but a real powerful sound
  • Buena Vista Social Club: German people discover Latin sound by a Wim Wenders movie
  • Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind: He returned into my view with this record
  • The Verve - Urban Hymns: Timeless songs
  • Led Zeppelin - The BBC Sessions: Their old songs stripped to the bones - awesome
  • Erykah Badu - Live: Just a great voice
  • Pat Metheney Group - Imaginary Day: His first approach to modern music
And also some songs that are worth to be played again:

Seems like I went often to cinema this year:
  • Titanic: No chance to ignore this movie
  • The Full Monty: Fantastic. This could happen this way
  • Men In Black: Simply funny entertainment
  • As Good As It Gets: Jack Nicholson at his best
  • L.A. Confidential: A perfect tribute to this genre
  • Good Will Hunting: A real good drama with fantastic actors
  • Con Air: I could watch this movie every time
  • Face/Off: One of the best thrillers ever
  • The Game: It is a good game
  • Seven Years In Tibet: Fantastic pictures based on a true story
A few things that happened in 1997:

Finally divorce becomes legal in the Republic of Ireland // Bill Clinton bans federal funding for any research of human cloning // The Comet Hale-Bopp makes its closest approach to Earth // 39 Heaven's Gate cultists commit mass suicide at their compound in San Diego // Labour Party return to power after 18 years and Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister // The Star Alliance is formed between Air Canada, SAS, Lufthansa, Thai International Airlines and United Airlines // The great flood begins in southern Poland // Steve Jobs returns to Apple Computer Inc. // Massacres in Algeria all over the year // Princess Diana dies in an car accident in Paris // Mother Teresa dies // The Kyoto protocol is adopted by the United Nations committee and nearly nothing happened since this time.

The third record by Spiritualized is a masterpiece - no doubt. I found a review of this record by Jason Ankeny on allmusic. And there is nothing more to say. I love their music and I still play them often. I don't know much more bands that come and fetch me to other spheres. 

Spiritualized - Come Together
Spiritualized - Stay With Me
Spiritualized - Broken Heart
Spiritualized - Cool Waves
Spiritualized - Cop Shoot Cop

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Yes it is strange that sometimes we can remember exactly where we were when we heard the news of certain big events.I can remember great joy in the staffroom of the school I was teaching at, a feeling of great hope after years and years and years of tories and despair.