Mittwoch, 9. August 2023

Back To The Very Old Days


A few days ago I was in a mood to look at my blog posts from the time I started starting this blog. I came across an old series, which I kept going at the time and during which I took a closer look at the time of pub rock. I came across a post I wrote 10 years ago and featured Mickey Jupp. He was a singer/songwriter associated with the so called Southend music scene. In the very early 70's he released a few albums with a mix of rockabilly, blues rock and pop. His success was limited but he became a leading figure a few years later at the pub-rock scene and played on the same level as Dr. Feelgood for whom he wrote Down At The Doctors. Other artists like Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe covered his songs after he signed to Stiff record label. I loved to listen to his songs after decades and I think it is necessary to feature him and his music once again.

Mickey Jupp's Legend - Cross Country

Mickey Jupp's Legend - My Typewriter

Mickey Jupp's Legend - Another Guy

Mickey Jupp's Legend - Heather On The Hill

2 Kommentare:

Ernie Goggins hat gesagt…

'Heather On The Hill'is an old favourite of mine

JC hat gesagt…

I thought I knew the name.....and then it clicked. There was a great piece on him a few years ago in the only newspaper I read these days. I hadn't been aware of his music or the way he influenced things.

Hope you can read this and enjoy it.