Dienstag, 26. Juli 2022

Switch On The Sky


It is still summer and we will have many very hot days ahead here in Southern Germany. I am still off for another day with my colleagues from our workers council for an education in social payment. It is in a small hotel close to my living place so that we have time enough to sit together and talk about many things we haven't the time for during regular working days. Even if it is summer more and more bands sent announcements for their upcoming records. There are so many that I can't listen to all of them but there are some pearls I found. One of them is the new album by British musician, songwriter and producer Mark Peters. I got aware of his music when he released several albums with electronic artist Ulrich Schnauss during the last years. For Red Sunset Dreams he collaborated with Dot Allison for a few songs - the rest will be instrumentals inspired by old Western movies. This song is a perfect symbiosis of Dot's clear voice and Mark's psychedelic guitar sound.  

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