Sonntag, 3. Juli 2022

In A Dream


Yesterday my former wife and her husband arrived for their annual attendance at my place. This time it is different because the took the chance to escape from Sri Lanka because there are horrible times down there. Political corruption and mismanagement were the main reasons that this beautiful country is going to be bankrupt. The inflation is rising in a tempo I never expected. The people aren't able to pay the basic services. Petrol is almost sold out so that no fisher boat can get out for fishing and many factories are going to close for a while. The government has no money to support the people and the world wide crisis based on the useless Russian war will hit them in a special way. A few weeks ago students went out on the streets demanding that the government that was ruled by one family over the last decades for retirement. A few ministers made their withdrawal real but for the IWF it is not enough to get some fresh money to rebuild the economic system. Looking at this scene I am afraid what can happen to us by the upcoming circumstances. 

Today's song is from the upcoming album by Benjamin Harris aka Yarni, a Sheffield based electronic musician making his very unique sound between electronics and different influences from funk, afrobeat and jazzy motives. All together he created a warm and sonic treasure - more here

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JC hat gesagt…

A really sad and sobering read, Walter. Here, in the western world, we think that things are awful because prices are up and living standards are down, but it is genuinely horrific to read about what the reality is in other parts of the world. I hope your former wife and her partner are soon able to return safely to Sri Lanka