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In 1992 Flowered Up appeared on the scene as another indie-pop/alternative dance band. Formed in Camden Town, London they were part of the Manchester scene in these days. Their legacy was a 15 minutes tour de force of rhythm, guitars, bass and some voices and they hit the sound of this summer. The band split up after only one album in 1994 amid massive drug problems. But what will be in history is this song remixed by the great Andrew Weatherall.

Flowered Up - Weatherall's Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit More partial mix)

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Khayem hat gesagt…

The original 12-minute song and video were a unique, career-high for Flowered Up...and Andrew Weatherall still somehow managed to elevate it to something even greater. I never tire of listening to either of his mixes. Still amazing, thirty years on.