Dienstag, 26. April 2022

Monday's Long Song On Tuesday


I didn't manage to create my regular post for Monday this weekend so I decided to deliver another long song one day after. According to my post from last Friday I think it great to post a song from long times ago another time. Alex Harvey and his Sensational band were one of those bands from the pre-punk era that are worth to be remembered. Formed in Glasgow in  the early the 70's they they highly influenced punk and new wave band in Europe and all over the world. Harvey made his unique interpretation of rhythm and blues compatible for many bands that came a decade later. Faith Healer is a masterpiece of him and for me a song for eternity.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer

2 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

A masterpiece on any day of the week.

Khayem hat gesagt…

Still gives me a thrill, listening to this song.

My introduction to The Sensational Alex Harvey Band came from reading the UK editions of Marvel Comics as a kid. Alex Harvey was a big comics fan and (I'm guessing) the Marvel UK editor was a SAHB fan, as Harvey appeared in a few features in the mid-1970s, including a meeting with the great Stan Lee.

It was many years later before I actually heard anything by SAHB and, as you say, Faith Healer is a masterpiece.