Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2021

It's All Live Now


Almost 40 years ago Echo and the Bunnymen were on one of their last tour through Europe and the at the top of their level. I sadly didn't had the possibility to watch them live at these days but when I listen to their live record I can imagine what I missed. They didn't only played their own songs, they more made traveled through musical history and their influences. The cover versions of songs from different decades are of course not new but they played it with a verve I seldom heard before and after. I you need to have examples why The Bunnymen should be in musics Olymp just listen to this songs. Timeless and still a pleasure listening to.

Echo and The Bunnymen - She Cracked

Echo and The Bunnymen - Run, Run, Run

Echo and The Bunnymen - Do It Clean

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Echorich hat gesagt…

There may be no other band that can touch the way The Bunnymen approached a cover version. Except maybe David Bowie...

Eva Wilson hat gesagt…
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