Donnerstag, 15. April 2021

Wall Of Sound


Over the weekend I found an old sampler in my record collection while searching for something else. It was a compilation of  female singer or groups mostly from the early 60's. Since many years I didn't listen to The Ronettes, The Crystals or Ike and Tina Turner and I have to admit that their songs still has a great attraction to me. The man that created this sound was the last year deceased Phil Spector because he thought the sound of the original recordings were too thin. He placed more microphones in the studio to record the songs and afterwords he overdubbed the recordings. At least you couldn't identify any instrument exactly. But anyway this wall of sound is characteristic for his producing in the early 60's. Many other in history tried to copy this sound but most of them failed. A nice trip back to where great pop/soul songs were made.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby

The Crystals - Da Doo Run Run

Ike and Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High

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Fantastic songs Walter