Dienstag, 9. Februar 2021

Another Saturday Night


Since a few weeks there is running an excellent series on Saturday over at CC's place about Saturday Night songs. Last weekend CC posted the picture of an album he never knew before but was corresponding to the series theme. It was the picture sleeve of a sampler originally released in 1974 compiling songs from the Louisiana Cajun scene I owned decades ago. I can't explain why I bought it because it is not the kind of music I listen very often to. Maybe because it was cheap and I knew some of the songs from other artists. Anyway, I can remember that I used to play it often especially the songs with accordion in it. I picked this record out last weekend and have to say that I enjoyed the freshness of the sound and the fun the artist had recording them. Most of them has their roots in country and early R 'n' R but this is more a compliment than a critic. This is also a brief survey of the early sound swamp rock. Enjoy.

Richard Belton - I am a lonesome fugitive

Austin Pitre - Two step de Bayou techne

Johnnie Allen - Promised Land

Clint West - Another Saturday Night

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Cheers Walter
I’ll keep my eyes open for this one in the charity shops if they ever re-open

Rol hat gesagt…

Some cool tunes there, Walter. Thanks.