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Purchased (Not Only) By The Cover

Jazzateers - Jazzateers (1983, Vinyl) | Discogs

In the early 80's Scotland gave us a lot of new and fantastic bands and this keeps on since today. Around the early 80's a Scottish underground pop/post-punk band appeared on Postcard records. Jazzateers released their only album with a Walther P38 on the cover. This gun was the standard in the German Wehrmacht during WW2. Just the gun dyed in yellow and only the band's name remembered me at Velvet Undergrounds first album and I took it for a listen in my record shop. And what I heard was much better than I expected. Anyhow a band which never had so properly a chance. They plaid the right music at the wrong time. In 1983 one tried to gain control of punk and of New Wave - with results execrable now and again. By no means, however, one wanted to hear the respectable, old-fashioned guitar music which was produced, however, absolutely fashionably. Today the of course first-class sounds: „Nothing At All", „Sixteen Reasons' etc. - all timeless, crisp hit with ingenuity a little. And see there, in particular these tracks sound more topical even today because they were not stylish just, but were produced timeless simple (therefore nowadays in an old-fashioned way).

Jazzateers - Nothing At All
Jazzateers - Sixteen Reasons
Jazzateers - Looking For A Girl

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