Sonntag, 15. März 2020

Distant Universe

Bildergebnis für maria burger oska

Long time followers might know that I stopped listening mainstream radio for ages but that I still have an affection on independent radio stations. Especially Austrians fm4. Not only that they feature a lot of local independent acts they pick up current political and social themes and try to contemplate them from a different kind of perception. A few weeks ago they featured Maria Burger aka OSKA as the act of the month. The music of OSKA is at the same time bright  and exhilarated, is pensive and melancholy. Very quietly and roofed, but also dynamically and lively. Her voice is breakable and at the same time substantial. I really like her songs examining love, life and family partly about personal experiences, partly also with a lot of empathy in the experiences of other people. Best shown on her first single Distant Universe that has everything a great pop song needs.

I found a stripped down version of this song when OSKA played an acoustic session for fm4 and it shows the quality of this song.

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