Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019


Bildergebnis für Friday For Future stuttgart

It is not the first time almost forgotten bands brings back memories of times long gone by when they release a new album. Most o the times it are just memories because I compare their latest record with their former releases and sadly I have to admit that they could'r reach their level from former times. These days Blackpool's post-punk band The Membranes released a double album What Natures Gives ... Nature Takes Away and I have to say that John Robb is still an angry man and he makes no compromises in his music. Their sound is a conglomerate of brute pros-punk, guitar noise and sometimes dub sequences and always led by a deep bass. The concept of the album is to shout out how we are going to ruin our planet. Listening to the anger in the songs the Friday-For-Future movement seems to be a kindergarden but still necessary.

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