Donnerstag, 9. August 2018


Bildergebnis für shelley salant

There is a place for new music as well for old fashioned music. Most of the times they live in their very own world. But sometimes it gets magic when they come together to combine both worlds. This happened when I listened to Shelley Salant's latest record Shells - Shells 2. Shelley is a Michigan based guitar player and songwriter located in the local alternative scene and she offers a lot of songs that combine the tradition of guitar picking artists like John Fahey with basic rock tools. Sounds weird? No it isn't in any way. All the songs were only instrumentals and work in any way. If she plays slow and reduced songs they sound great as songs that uses feedbacks and overdubs. Simply an album you can explore and the more you listen you will get involved to this sound. Sometimes I think it sounds like Durutti Column had a session with a garage band.

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