Sonntag, 19. März 2017


Bildergebnis für bnqt

The draught "Supergroup" sounds mostly stuffy: Ageing Rock'n'Roll-Daddys get together to indulge according to hobby in the vanity, beside the shine of the star power the music often precipitates averagely. Differently with BNQT, speak: "Banquet". The Texan band Midlake has put together an Indierock-specialist's team, including are people of the Band of Horses, from Franz Ferdinand, Grandaddy, Travis and Midlake themselves. But not everybody all at once, and thus the herald is a crisp slender hit, the strange mixture of Classic rock, Krautrock to the album already and disco-grooves. A bit different music for Sunday morning but worth listening to.

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