Freitag, 3. März 2017

Do Re Mi

Bildergebnis für ry cooder

It is now years ago since I've featured Ry Cooder at this place. He's known for his slide-guitar playing and transforming American native music into nowadays. I followed him since he released his first works on LP and especially when he introduced me into Hawaiian music with Chicken Skin Music. I also liked his music he made to several soundtracks He was in collaborations with a lot of famous musicians during the last decades and his influential guitar playing is still one of the best I know. There would be a lot of more songs to feature than this little ones and it doesn't matter which song it is. I am sure you will find your own song by him.

Ry Cooder - Get Rhythm
Ry Cooder - Trouble You Can't Fool Me
Ry Cooder - I Got Mine
Ry Cooder - Goodnight Irene

3 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

Great stuff Walter. You should consider putting together a Ry Cooder ICA for JC.

Walter hat gesagt…

Seems like a great idea Swede

FurryBootsCityBoy hat gesagt…

Always love to listen to Ryland P. A great choice of tracks. Keep up the good work!