Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016


Bildergebnis für david sylvian

I can't remember posting anything from Japan/David Sylvian during the years and I don't know why I didn't. A few days ago I grabbed Brilliant Trees, the first solo album by David Sylvian and listened to after long years. It was back in 1984 when the album was released and I bought it by recommendation of a friend without listening to any song, knowing about the good taste of my mate. When I put the lp on my record player and listened to the songs I was bemused of the sound and the voice of David Sylvian. An accumulation of longer songs with no melody you can catch the first time. The bass was dominant in the foreground, drums and guitars seemed not to fit together and the leading voice was between singing and speaking. Well - it's another arty record in my collection I thought for myself and forgot this record while there was a lot of other great music around these days. A few years later I came home late at night after watching a football game with some of my friends and I wasn't tired enough to go to bed and wanted a last drink while listening to some music. I can't remember why I've chosen Brilliant Trees but in this mood I fell in love with this record. Suddenly I could see the whole concept in these songs and I understood that this was the plan. These songs are compositions not only songs.

David Sylvian - Nostalgia


Echorich hat gesagt…

There are certainly some artists a listener is immediately drawn to and find speak to them. Then there are other artists who's work requires some level of investigation or mood to understand the proposition of the artist. I think both of these are legitimate - after all an artist can make art to please themselves alone or to please an audience as well.
I agree with the premise that David Sylvian is one of those artists that requires mood and investigation to appreciate, but he has always been an artist who I have an immediate attraction to as well.
You chose well Walter, Nostalgia is the most heart felt and heart-wrenching song on Brilliant Trees - an album that showed the wonderful promise of Sylvian's coming solo career. Oh and yes your single final sentence equals everything I said above - if only I could be that succinct when talking about Sylvian!

Anonym hat gesagt…

very well described Walter. It also took me a long time to appreciate this record