Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016


Bildergebnis für m.i.a.

I arrived at home after almost four weeks holiday in Sri Lanka. Totally recovered while doing nothing as sit beside the beach, reading the books I wanted to during the last month, having good meals and some good times with some friends down there. During the last weeks I didn't listen too much to music and I didn't followed the new releases. So I think that the next weeks will be filled with much work and to get an update what happened and what will happen in music. So for the start the latest single by M.I.A., the London based singer and producer with Sri Lankan roots (her father was a leading member of the Tamil Tigers and had to escape from his native country).


TheRobster hat gesagt…

What a brilliant video, and the song's not bad either. I know M.I.A. is a bit like Marmite, but I'm always willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, especially when she produces work like this.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Cracking video and I think the song is a belter too. She is a very talented performer and film maker and I'm sure will soon be featuring in newspapers and magazines the world over putting across why she felt she had to write and record this particular single.

Welcome home Walter...thanks for such a great start to 2016

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Stunning- she's definitely got it.

charity chic hat gesagt…

Good to see you back Walter. Sounds like you enjoyed your well deserved holiday