Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

Play New Rose For Me

Back in 1986 the label New Rose released a sampler of the 100st album release. It was a French record label and signed a lot of artist which where great in these days. The Cramps, The Cocteau Twins, Gun Club and New York Dolls were the well known. To celebrate this release they asked their signed artist to make a cover of artists which was signed as well at this time. I found this record the recent days in my collection and listened to it a few times. Most of this bands are forgotten for long years. I have no idea why because they were great for me at these days. Still makes me smile when I heard this cover versions again. But I've to tell you, that I'm not able to transfer the vinyl to a digital one. So give some of the bands on this sampler to other songs that weren't on this record a listen and get back 30 years ago.

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