Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 39


When I have packed my move cardboards, some German records have also come to me to the hands which I have not already belonged for many years any more which fit, however, very well in this series.In 1975 it was not to be sung commonly for German rock musicians also in in German. Those them these tried ones were close to the left squatter's scene in Berlin. One was to be plumbed few which have tried the borders of the feasible one Kiev Stingl. His first record was called "Teuflichs (Diabolically)" and was expelled by the maple publishing company. It distinguished itself by partly poetic texts and mainly rather quiet music. With his second album „Hard like Mozart“ he sang about his sexual predilections without giving up, nevertheless, the society criticism and the poetry completely. At that time Spiegel caused (1979) a complaint of the magazine the cover of the first edition, because it was felt to a reflecting title-page. Where with the original the foreign prices stand, phone numbers of Hamburg prostitutes were printed. Then the cover was changed with the later editions.

Kiev Stingl - Teuflisch
Kiev Stingl - Babies

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