Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Silent Still

During the next weeks I will move in my new flat. Therefore, I have spent the last days a lot of time to clear up my cellar and my attic to sort out what I don't want to bring to my new flat. Besides, things have come to me again which I had forgotten for a long time. So, for example, a whole cardboard completely with CDs in addition of various music magazines. It made fun to go back in time and recall what was new years ago. One of these CDs stood under the subject 'Forgotten songs from the New Wave era'. I put the CD in my player and the result is that I can present a little gem today. Modern Eon were a post-punk/new wave band formed in Liverpool in 1978. They just released on album and I just know this song that has everything what a song from this genre should have: a vibrant bass, short picked chords on the guitar, steady drums and a singer that fits to it all. If The Cure or Sisters of Mercy would played this song it would be a hit those days.

Enjoy and have a good week.

Modern Eon - Second Still

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