Sonntag, 11. Februar 2024

Time To Listen To The Originals


I really like cover version. Especially when an artist rejig the original and reinterpret the song like he could be a song written by himself. During the last days some cover versions came to my ears and I thought by myself if it was necessary to release this versions. Sophie Ellis Baxter had a number one hit back in 2001 with Murder On The Dancefloor, a veritable piece of dancefloor back then. Now she's back at the top ten because her song was shaded for a scene in American movie Saltburn. Since you can find a lot of cover version and remixes especially on Soundcloud. One of them is made by Australian band Royel Otis. It is a nice one because they gave them a flavour of indie-rock. It is a nice version but I don't need it really.

Paramore's version of Burning Down The House is an example of a needless cover version. Made for a tribute album for Talking Heads that should be released soon. A version that is so close to the original that I ask myself did they ever listened to this song enough to understand what David Byrne meant when he wrote it. Absolutely waste.


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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Sometimes a faithful cover can be good. Kirsty MacCall's versions of Days and A New England spring to mind.