Sonntag, 19. Februar 2023

Blood And Butter


Many different newspaper release on Friday their recommendations of new albums. Last Friday a few of them agreed by naming Caroline Polacheck's album Desire, I want to turn into you as a top release. This made me curious not knowing if it is just the hype of the month. Polacheck is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, and active since more than a decade. To be honest, her name is new to me and I can't remember listening to any song by her or her bands. Polacheck has an extraordinary voice and she is able to write songs that fit to this voice. Blood and Butter is a piece of light-footed synthy pop with a reluctant guitar and a catchy rhythm. The whole album is very nice but certainly not the one that will reach higher rankings in year end lists. 

3 Kommentare:

Khayem hat gesagt…

Thanks for the post, Walter, I keep meaning to check out Caroline Polacheck's music but never seem to get around to it. Only from subsequent reading, but it turns out that I have a few of her songs and remixes back from when she was a member of Chairlift. A nice song but not an essential purchase, I agree.

JC hat gesagt…

Not a name I know at all......and it's a nice enough listen.

Rol hat gesagt…

I've seen a few good reviews for this too. I did like Chairlift - their song Bruises was a favourite about 10 years ago. Will have to check out the solo stuff.