Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2022

One Way To Go

It's December and Christmas is not far away. The cities are lit up and many people meet at Christmas markets to drink mulled wine after doing their Christmas shopping. Personally, I don't have much to do with the pre-Christmas season and don't immerse myself in consumerism. That's why it's all the nicer that Jesse Fahnestock aka 10:40 has a present ready for us. Since the beginning of the month, he has had an Advent calendar on his Bandcamp homepage in which he gives us an insight into his musical cosmos every day. One Way To Go is a shoegaze based excursion to cosmic sounds that could be a highlight on every record by Andy Bell. This song and four more you can get as a free download here. Have a contemplative second Advent

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jesseblack hat gesagt…

Thanks for that Walter, and I'm glad you found it a nice accompaniment to a winter's day. I really appreciate all your support. - jesse.