Mittwoch, 17. August 2022

Music Of Quality And Destinction


According to yesterdays post I have to continue with the project B.E.R., the so called British Electronic Foundation formed by members of Heaven 17. Their first album is not that good as the ones by Heaven 17 but certainly full of great and sometimes forgotten songs. The best thing they did was to hire artist that had their best times long gone by. And for me are the re-interpretations by Gary Glitter and Tina Turner made this album worth to be remembered.

Gary Glitter - Suspicious Mind 

Tina Turner - Ball Of Confusion

2 Kommentare:

JC hat gesagt…

I think it's a great album.....on top of your two suggestions, there's also two from the late, great Billy Mackenzie as well as two from Glenn Gregory.

Oh, and I also think the Paula Yates (RIP) take on 'Boots' is a great bit of fun.

Khayem hat gesagt…

Likewise, it's Billy MacKenzie and Glenn Gregory for me and I'm also partial to Sandie Shaw's version of Anyone Who Had A Heart.