Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2022



A few days ago I found In The Flat Field the first album by Bauhaus after ages in my collection and couldn't resist playing it once again. I was not sure if this album works after more than 40 years since it's release and was surprised that there still a lot of song on it that are worth to be played again and not only because of sentimental moods. Their sound was darker as dark and more other bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees but they also included fragments of dub and glam into their sound. Surely it is hard to listen to the whole album in a row but some songs are worth it.

Bauhaus - Double Dare

Bauhaus - St. Vitus Dance

Bauhaus - Stigmata Matyr

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JC hat gesagt…

That's a very good summary of the album.

middle aged man hat gesagt…

For me the best Bauhaus album, but one that doesn't include any of their best songs.