Sonntag, 1. Mai 2022

Songs From The Guestroom


There is a long running series in Austrian radio called FM4 Gästezimmer. In this show artists could present their favorite songs. A few weeks ago Austrian electronic duo HVOB were at the radio station presenting their faves, mostly songs by artists that were new to me. Some of them are just nice others were worth to mention. The first one I want to feature here is by Bob Moses, a band from Vancouver formed in New York about ten years ago. Love Brand New is one of their latest releases and starts with a bass-line you heard in many other songs but in combination with this guitar it sounds new. Another good and cool alternative pop song.

Okay Kaya is new to me and the internet didn't tell much that she is a Norwegian- American musician and actress from New Jersey. Comic Sans is one of those pop gems from the last years that didn't reached my ears. Starting with a remarkable bass line to join later with some chords and her expressive voice lifts this song to an extraordinary level.

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