Sonntag, 27. Februar 2022

Chestnut Blight


From time to time I return to The Mekons a band that accompanied me from their first punk inspired songs to their country/Americana days. For me they were with their songs a rock in times where many things around me slipped away. Now I got the news that an album by Freakons will appear in the next weeks. Freakons is a collaboration by Mekons Jon Langford and Sally Timms with Freakwater a superb little band from the Americana scene. I only heard this song and it is very traditional country but Sally Timms stamps this song with her unique voice. I can't imagine a better start for me into this Sunday.

2 Kommentare:

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

I enjoyed that

glyphjockey hat gesagt…

Yeah that's good stuff.