Samstag, 8. Januar 2022

No Spitting On The Bus

Yesterday I returned from my escape to Sri Lanka from the usual things and worries in Germany and spent a few weeks together with some very old friends in a place where we could leave all those Corona problems behind. We had a wonderful time together with relaxing, good conversations and inspirations for the future. It was a time with less internet and listening to much music to get my mind clear. One of my thoughts were to finish this blog because during the last months I felt I lost my inspiration to continue this little place in the internet but I decided to continue because I think it will be worth to write about old and new music and finally it was Adam that showed me that it could be helpful to continue even if personal tragedies showed up. So let's see what the future will bring.

On my travel back to Germany I recognized that the back catalog by the Steve Gibbons Band was released. Steve Gibbons is an English musician and singer-songwriter who had his best times in the mid 70's in the pub rock era before punk broke. His music was influenced by classic rock and roll, rockabilly and country. Like Ray Davis he also had the ability to write songs about the working class. After all a band that sadly was overlooked.

Steve Gibbons Band - No Spitting On The Bus

Steve Gibbons Band - Eddie Vortex

Steve Gibbons Band - Tulane (Peel Session 1977)

4 Kommentare:

Rol hat gesagt…

I'm glad you decided to keep going too. Us bloggers are a dying breed - we need to keep soldiering on!

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

I agree with Rol!

Khayem hat gesagt…

Me too! It's always good to read your posts and listen to your music selections, Walter.

JC hat gesagt…

Yup....add me to the list of people who are happy you've decided to keep going.