Donnerstag, 20. August 2020

Fake It Til You Make It

 Banco De Gaia - Igizeh (20th Anniversary Edition) (2020, CD) | Discogs

The first time since a long time I found the time to write some words on this little place of the internet. It is summer and a heat wave is ruling our live during the last weeks. I still go to work every day early in the morning and come home tired as could be in the early evening and I just want to spent a couple of hours on my balcony or with some friends in a beer garden (as long as it is possible in times where the numbers of Covid infected raises daily and I think there will be some kind of lock down at my place in the upcoming weeks because all people disobey the pandemic rules). Anyway, I have nothing to complain because other persons have more reasons to complain. For example my former wife had her annual break and came to visit their home town again. She lives in Sri Lanka and her flight back after four weeks in Germany was reserved for last Friday. But her flight back was cancelled because their is no possibility to fly because the airport in Colombo was closed for incoming flights. So she has to wait until it will be re-opened in hopefully a few weeks to get to her home again. But of course there were more worse abilities as to stay in Germany for a few weeks more.

Today's song is from an artist that is new to me. Banco de Gaia is an English electronic music project formed by Toby Marks in 1989 and the music is somewhere between ambient, dub and downtempo with heavy influences of Arabian and Indian music/samples. I got aware of his fifth album Igizeh by the release of it's 20th anniversary edition. Banco de Gaia created a multi-world music with pumping synths and percussive accents, tribal drums and adding trumpets and strings to his dancefloor grooves. The second disc features great remixes of his 20 year old songs. A great new finding.

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