Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 10/18

Bildergebnis für the liminanas shadow people

French duo The Limiñanas return with another great album where Jesus and the Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, French pop and Italian Western meet to create their very unique kind of psychedelic rock. It is one of those albums I almost played to death this year because it was so entertaining, compact but also different. That they reached a very high level I could see when I saw them live a few weeks ago. I should present every song from this album but I decided that I should feature those songs where some superb guest artists came to refining their songs.

The Limiñanas feat. Peter Hook - The Gift
The Limiñanas feat. Emmanuelle Seigner - Shadow People
The Limiñanas feat. Anthony Newcomb - Istanbul Is Sleepy

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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Yep, this is a good one.