Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2018

Tangled Up In Blue

Bildergebnis für blood on the tracks

Back in 1975 a new album by Bob Dylan was a highlight. Not only because other dinosaurs released insignificant albums. For me it was the time when he was one of the only things you could trust and I bought this record without listening to any song. And  I wasn't disappointed about what I heard. From the start he grabbed me with his music and lyrics. Blood on the Tracks is still an album I listen from time to time and this is a huge compliment.

Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue
Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue (Alternate Version)


The Swede hat gesagt…

'Blood on the Tracks' is where it all started for me and Bob.

drew hat gesagt…

Blood on The Tracks was the second Dylan album I ever heard, after Live at Budokan. Love Tangled Up In Blue but Simple Twist of Fate is the one that hooked me.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

I love this song, the words and the rhythm of the words and the way each line is like a line could lead off somewhere else. Utter brilliance.