Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

The Maifeld Diaries 2016, Day 2

Bildergebnis für maifeld derby 2016

There was a weather forecast for last weekend that predicted thunderstorms and massive rain during these days. It happened when we were on our way back home on Saturday in the early morning after watching Meute that heavy rain set in. No chance to get to bus without getting wet. No alternative than to went outside the rain and getting wet all over. We thought about what will happen on Saturday because the forecast was even worse. Finally we were lucky guys because there was only rain for 30 minutes and after it the sun came out. As a more than the half of the gigs were inside the tents we didn't made many thoughts about the weather. So let's recap the second day.

The first band in the early afternoon I saw was Blackberries a band from Cologne. Their music is easily described as guitar based sound with a lot of ingredients of late 60's psychedelic music. Just a band that made fun to watch without any ambitions of doing sophisticated stuff.

Next on the list was L'aupaire another new German band for me. Their music turned more into folk-rock and handmade rock. Pretty good to watch them live because they made a very familiar feeling when they played their songs. Their songs are tender and postulating as well and the voice of mastermind Robert Laupert reminds me to the Kings Of Leon.

Drangsal is nowadays one of the biggest hypes in German music. Mixing ingredients of new-wave, rock and electronic to his own sound seems like it is unique. Seeing him live was a disappointment. The band had a very fine bass guitar that would fit to every new band in the early 80's but he didn't captured me for more than a few songs. I think he overproduced his songs - on record as on stage.

With Octa Logue another German band appeared on the open air stage. Originally based in Frankfurt they make a very unique sound deeply based in guitar sounds of the late 70's with ingredients of Neil Young and early Pink Floyd. I am not a fan of long guitar soli but I had a lot of fun watching them. As far as I know they made already some concerts over the Atlantic ocean. We'll see where they finally arrive.

Minor Victories was one of these bands I was curious to see live. I got their record played often the recent weeks and thought by myself if they could stand the laurels they got. Known as a so called supergroup of members by Mogwai, Editors and Slowdive they should be able to play a good gig. But they showed me a lot more. I was fascinated of the sound they made. Lead by a great guitar they made somekind of conversation with the singing. Backed with a massive and steady playing rhythm section they made this appearance unforgettable.

On the festival there is a smaller venue where really unknown artists can appear in  front of maybe 200 people. I went there if something sounds interesting for me or only for sitting down for a while. So I sat there and watched Karen Ann a singer-songwriter, composer, producer and engineer born in Israel and now located in Paris. It was a relaxed, professional and unique performance with her band. Good arranged songs played with fun and all over Karen Ann's fantastic voice. There were a lot of less talented artists big in America.

My personal highlight of this festival was the appearance of Explosions In The Sky. It's a post-rock band from Texas. Their sound is similar to Mogwai I was lucky enough to see them last year. Never thought that someone beat them in their genre but they did. There were guitars galore not playing riffs but rather let them yip. They haven't songs in classical style - more symphonic. Me and my brother were astonished about what we saw. It was all in all a complete live act. Everything they did was exactly planed. That's what I name a band in this genre.

It was hard for the next bands to please me after this big event but I went out of the tent and The Augustines took over. It is a New York based indie-rock band that gave us a lesson how a three-piece band could play some indie-folk. A charismatic singer who is always in intimate contact with the audience and assisted by a tough and straight band made an hour of great and relaxed music.

The main act on Saturday was James Blake, the so called new star on the scene. He played his very intimate songs very well and the performance was perfect. I like a few of his songs but I have to say there was less I remember the highlights of his gig a few days later. I think it's nothing you have to see live - his records are better.

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George hat gesagt…

Walter, I really liked that track by The Blackberries. As you say, they are not original but as long as the songs are good it doesn't matter.

TheRobster hat gesagt…

I'm really getting into that Minor Victories album. It was you who introduced them to me so give yourself a big pat on the back.

And I'm with George on the Blackberries - great tune. Love the chorus: "You're no Kate Moss..."

The Swede hat gesagt…

We've got albums by Explosions in the Sky and Keren Ann in the house and this reminds me to dig them out at some point. I like what I hear of The Blackberries and L'aupaire a great deal.