Donnerstag, 24. März 2016

Johann Cruyff 1947 - 2016

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The news just arrived that Johann Cruyff died on lung cancer today. With him leaves one of the best football players we had in the last 50 years. Today the world looks on Messi or Ronaldo but for me he was one of the completest players ever. I saw him in my younger days and was impressed of his elegance and his strategical way of playing. He was the one who made the golden days of Ajax Amsterdam and FC Barcelona. Remembering the world championship in Germany back in 1974 the best team was from Netherland not Germany. I always loved to see this team play like young and untamed horses on the playground lead by the great Johann Cruyff. He was not a person who was compensating, he always spoke the words he wanted to speak and not concerned in any other opinions. Football lost one of his greatest players of the last decades.

R.I.P. Johann

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Anyone who knows me will testify to the fact that I don't give a hoot about modern football and wouldn't know any current player if he came up and punched me on the nose. It wasn't always that way though and for a short period up to my early teens I enjoyed watching the game on TV, particularly with my Dad. Johann Cruyff was a great player that I remember with much fondness and I'm very sad to hear of his passing.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

RIP Mr Cruyff

TheRobster hat gesagt…

A true great indeed. Sad news.

drew hat gesagt…

sad sad news, one very cool footballer

charity chic hat gesagt…

A true legend

Anonym hat gesagt…

Very fine words Walter.

He was my first ever footballing hero....and the reason as a ten year old I got my first replica Barcelona strip. RIP JC