Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Live Music in German Television # 6

Bildergebnis für can band

On a lot of new albums I can hear references on Krautrock - sometimes more, sometimes less. So it's time to feature the pioneers of this genre. Can were the band with maybe the most influence. On her second album the Cologne avant-garde rockers developed her very own style. "Tago Mago" contains on the one hand structured pieces like "Paperhouse" and "Mushroom" with which about a quite uniform basic rhythm Michael Karoli of the guitar draws the strangest tones and shouts singer Damo Suzuki peculiar word or sentence scraps in the mike, coughs, whispers. As far as I remember I saw this video the first time on a Saturday afternoon on German television and my dad came into the room shaking his head about this strange kind of music. Still can't understand why Krautrock doesn't got the recognition yet that is has in Britain for example.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Never fear Walter, it gets plenty of recognition in this house! Saturday afternoon TV in Germany was a hell of a lot more interesting than its UK equivalent, that's for sure. A fantastic clip.