Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

Beyonder Girl

Now, finally, I have one-week vacation. No appointments, meetings and project works more for the next days. When I take a look at the development in the bank I work in I come to the knowledge that a lot develops to the negative. More and more jobs are stroked, departing employees are not substituted any more and the work is distributed to less and less employee. A part of my work consists in defining the work routines to this change anew and introducing them. A lot would be easier if was available according to time for the introduction. But, as usual, everything should function immediately. Often I came home after ten, twelve hours working and have no muse to continue my blog.

Todays track is the newest release by Austrian electronic artists Sofa Surfers. The band exists since 1997 and their music is hard to describe. Hardly influenced by Dub and Techno they added over the years elements of downbeat and Trip Hop to their sound. Beyonder Girl a dark track, menacingly, lascivious. From the track there penetrates a brisk, almost quite bigbeat-like rock energy, at the same time he emits a sensitivity, above all transported by the song. Wildly combination, deep, down and dirty.


charity chic hat gesagt…

I hope you enjoy your week off Walter.Sounds like you need it

Dirk hat gesagt…

Same shit all over everywhere, not only in the bank sector, isn't it?

Walter hat gesagt…

It's true Dirk. Miserable times everywhere.