Montag, 19. Mai 2014

The Girl Who Waves At Trains

Today my bosses sent me to a workshop to Nürnberg. I had to go there by train and for the fact that it starts at 09:00 a.m. I had to catch the earliest train. Getting up at four o'clock in the morning to start this fucking journey that will take me 3 1/2 hours one way. Thinking will be back at ten o'clock in the evening. Hoping that it will be worth to bare this. Todays song is from The Lilac Time a less successful band formed by Stephen Duffy and his brother Nick.


The Lilac Time - The Girl Who Waves At Trains


Anonym hat gesagt…

Sounds abit unfair to say the least. Surely you should have been able to go the day before and stay in a hotel, at their expense??Or you could have pulled a sickie.

Gianluca Banci hat gesagt…

A great song.