Montag, 28. April 2014

Radio Free Zimbabwe

I spent many hours this weekend (only discontinuously by consider football) to upload a mix to mixcloud. There were many tutorials to read and to watch but I wasn't successful at all. On Sunday downloaded a DJ program to make a mix out of my selected files. After five hours of working with this program I stopped in the afternoon and go out for a beer with my mate. This song would be on my mix (if ever I can release it on mixcloud). Okapi Guitars are a Sydney based band with black and white members. They play a combination of Zimbabwe music with guitar styles from all over Africa. It from their 2004 release with the same title and this song is typical for their style. Using rich guitars with picked pattern of afrobeat. I have been reading some translations of their lyrics and I can say that their lyrics are marked very politically, because they sing about the ongoing disaster of Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

Okapi Guitars - Radio Free Zimbabwe


charity chic hat gesagt…

I also tried and failed miserably to master Mixcloud Walter.
So instead I e-mailed some mp3s to Mark at Cooking Up a Quiet Storm and let him do all the hard work for me!

Walter hat gesagt…

Hi George,
I finally did it with a little help from Drew and Adam. But your way is also possible. Mark is so helpful putting up our files to CUAQS.
Hope you are well!.
Cheers, Walter